young girl on summer vacation running in field

School’s out for summer! For kids, that means summer camps, sleepovers, and late nights hanging out with friends. But what does that mean for your child’s dental health? It’s important not to let them relax their oral hygiene routine just because they get to relax their brain a bit.

Keep It Up

Ensure that your child keeps up with a good teeth brushing routine. When they’re at home, get them in the habit of brushing in the morning and just before bed, no matter what time they wake up or hit the hay. If they’re headed out for an overnight camp or to stay with friends or family, make sure they’ve packed their toothbrush and toothpaste. Is your child headed away for an extended trip? Get a new toothbrush to send with them to make sure that it’s in good shape and will last until they return. Establish a routine that’s similar to their schoolyear routine to make it easy to remember. And don’t be afraid to give a little nudge in the right direction. After all, your child’s smile is one of their most noticeable features!

Summer Dental Appointments

During the summer, you can also help ensure that your child doesn’t miss a school day down the road by scheduling their routine exam and cleaning. Getting this appointment done during the summer keeps your child in school and learning rather than out at an appointment. We encourage parents to bring in their children during the summer, so if you want to schedule an appointment, just give us a call!

Your kid’s smile says a lot about them, so make sure that they keep up with their dental hygiene routine even during the summer when routines get a little off. If you need to schedule a summertime dental appointment, contact us and we’ll find a convenient time for you to bring your child in.