girl holding watermelon

Kids will be kids, and they are always looking for tasty treats to eat instead of broccoli! As much as we would love our children to always snack on healthy snacks like carrots and celery, sometimes we can’t convince them that these vegetables are just as good as more tempting treats like candy bars and bubble gum. But this doesn’t mean kids can’t have something in-between. Let’s compromise and talk about some tasty treats that are gentler on teeth than high-sugar sweets and candies.

Sliced, Fresh Watermelon

Do you remember having big slices of watermelon on a hot summer day when you were a kid? Cold, freshly sliced watermelon is mouth-wateringly good, but it’s also good for you and good your teeth! Watermelon is fibrous, so it scrubs your teeth as you chomp down on it – mmm!

Celery Sticks with Cream Cheese & Sunflower Seeds

Getting a kid to eat plain old celery is a chore. But have you tried covering it in cream cheese and sunflower seeds? You don’t need a lot of cream cheese to make this snack really appetizing. The celery is also fibrous and will gently scrub teeth as they chew. On top of that, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and Vitamin B-6.

Hummus on Toasted Whole Wheat Pita Triangles

This tasty savory snack is not only delicious, but it is also good for your teeth. Hummus can prevent sugars from sticking to your teeth, keeping cavities and decay at bay. Whole grain is also much better for your teeth than white bread, which essentially breaks down into sugar and has little to no nutritional value.

What Healthy Snacks Do You Have on Hand?

When it comes down to healthy snacking, having the right ingredients on hand is crucial. Do you have any healthy snacks that you regularly make for your kids? Let us know what you like to make at your next appointment! We can also provide you with more recommendations. Call us today or book your next appointment with Dr. Bright online!