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Dental Mouthguards and Nightguards in St. Johns, FL

Has Dr. Bright or another dentist recommended a mouthguard or nightguard for your child? If so, you’ve probably wondered what the big deal is. We know it may seem a bit over-the-top, but mouthguards and nightguards are actually really important parts of preventive care and can help your child avoid more costly dental work in the future.

Mouthguards Protect Against Sports Injuries

The American Dental Association points out that mouthguards reduce the risk of dental and mouth injuries due to both contact and non-contact sports. Parents often consider the importance of mouthguards in sports like football due to the likelihood of collisions. But it’s important to realize that even in non-contact activities like skating, accidents happen that can put your child’s mouth and teeth at risk. The best way to combat these risks is with a mouthguard.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three types of mouthguards that kids can use when they participate in contact and non-contact activities. We recommend that you look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance to know that it has been evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

  • Ready-to-use – this over-the-counter mouthguard is cost-efficient and is wearable right out of the package. It will likely be less comfortable than other types but will get the job done in a pinch.
  • Boil-and-bite – another over-the-counter mouthguard, this type is a little more custom-formed. Simply boil the mouthguard per the package instructions, and then have your child put the guard into their mouth and bite down to form it to their teeth.
  • Custom – we make this mouthguard in our pediatric dental office and is custom-fitted to your child’s mouth. It will fit precisely and comfortably. We can even make it in a variety of colors to fit your child’s style.

Nighttime Grinding Needs a Nightguard

Kids and teens are under a lot of stress between school and afterschool activities. As parents, we’ve all seen how much homework they have and how many tests they take during the school year, so it’s only natural that the stress manifests itself in things like teeth grinding. Just like with adults, teeth grinding in children is bad for their teeth. It can lead to undue wear and tear, headaches, jaw pain, and much more. A nightguard can help protect their teeth, whether they’re baby teeth or permanent ones. As with mouthguards, there are boil-and-bite versions or we can fit your child for a custom nightguard.

Making sure your child has healthy teeth from a young age is so important, and that includes caring for them during their extracurriculars and at night. Talk to Dr. Bright at your child’s next appointment if you want to learn more about mouthguards and nightguards and how they can help your child.